Lago d'Orta

Lake Orta is located west of Lake Maggiore, they are separated by the Mottarone.
The town of Orta is on the south shore of the lake.
The center of Orta, completely closed to traffic, is characterized by very picturesque narrow streets
From the square, you can see the island of San Giulio in the middle of the lake.

  To see:

      * Orta
      * Island of San Giulio with its Basilica and Villa Talone
      * Sacro Monte d'Orta (part of the World Heritage)
      * Legro village of Orta, where there are 45 paintings inspired by the films.

  Where to eat:

      * Restaurant "Les deux Saints" Piazza Motta
      * Restaurant "Leon d'Oro" Piazza Motta

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