Lago d'Orta

Lake Orta is located west of Lake Maggiore, they are separated by the Mottarone.
The town of Orta is on the south shore of the lake.
The center of Orta, completely closed to traffic, is characterized by very picturesque narrow streets
From the square, you can see the island of San Giulio in the middle of the lake.

  To see:

      * Orta
      * Island of San Giulio with its Basilica and Villa Talone
      * Sacro Monte d'Orta (part of the World Heritage)
      * Legro village of Orta, where there are 45 paintings inspired by the films.

  Where to eat:

      * Restaurant "Les deux Saints" Piazza Motta
      * Restaurant "Leon d'Oro" Piazza Motta

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Maggiore Lake

Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake in Italy.
It is fed by the Ticino River, which pours in Locarno and spring Sesto Calende.
It is located 193 m above sea level.
It has a length of 54 km and reaches 10 km at its widest point.

Its climate is characterized by cold winters, but warmer than the interior with hot, humid summers.
Its flora is strongly influenced by the Lake which has allowed the proliferation of typical Mediterranean plants. are grown: lemons, olives, bay leaves, camellias, azaleas and magnolias.
Its banks are lined with many resorts and tourist attractions.
So you can visit beautiful gardens and castles and the middle of the lake the "Borromean Islands."
Navigation service on the lake, you can go from one side to the other and visit the islands and the various gardens.

To see:

* Borromean Islands
* Gardens of Villa Taranto western part of Lake
* Villa Ponti in Arona west part of the lake
* Stresa westpart
* Rock Angera
* Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso
* Ranco
* Cerro
* Laveno
* Caldè

Where to eat:

* Trattoria Imbarcadero (Island Fisherman)
* The pescheria fishing (fishermen island)
* Trattoria Calianna Laveno
* Restaurant concordia Laveno
* Capanna Gigliola Laveno
* Funivia del lago Maggiore
* Langolo dei Pescatori
* Restaurant Il Pirata Monvalle
* Per Bacco Ristorante Leggiuno
* Restaurant caffe 'Vespucci Ispra
* Pizzeria Stazione Ispra
* Restaurant bar Molo 203 Ranco
* Ristorante Il Sole di Ranco
* Osteria Il Melograno Angera
* Restaurant "I golosi" of Renghi Angera

Management navigation lakes

Site Lake Maggiore
Site Laveno cable:

Monate lake

It is located east of Lake Maggiore, he is 3 km long and 1 km wide, it is ideal for a refreshing swim in the summer, its waters are considered one of the clearest lakes is fed by underground springs. The only effluent name Acquanegrache out near Travedona

There is no shortage of public beaches and bathing water is continuously monitored.

   Where to swim:


  Where to eat:

      * Www.primaspiaggia.comRistorante copal

Varese lake

The lake has a beautiful location at the foot of the Campo dei Fiori

On the western shore of the lake, small "Isola Virginia"
Probably the most interesting site of Lake Varese.
The bike path around the lake is 28 km long. A Gavirate can rent bikes

  To see:

      * Isola Virginia
      * Three former ice bunkers Cazzago Brabbia
      * The cloister Voltorre

  Where to eat:

      * Pizzeria Vecchio Ottocento Gavirate
      * Ristorante Vecchia Riva The Schiranna
      * Annetta (very chic) Capolago
      * Villa Baroni Bodio Lomnago
      * Pink Pepper Pizzeria

  Places of interest:


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